Preservation News (2020)

UPDATE 31/3/20
From today we are despatching all orders over 40 (ie. pretty much all of our models) by DPD because of problems and delays at some Royal Mail centres. DPD are providing an excellent and very speedy collection and delivery service during the current crisis. It also saves us a trip to the Post Office!

With the likely loss of running days this year because of the MRB closure, we will be trying to keep the sales operation going as well as we can.

Our eBay listings

And more items on eBid

Class 47 Data File direct ordering page

So please feel free to carry on ordering models, despite the lockdown there is absolutely no problem with getting them to you just as quickly and efficiently as usual, though smaller items such as books or magazines sent by regular mail may suffer some delay depending on your area. Sorry, no Click & Collect or International shipping currently.
This is just to let people know we are continuing to accept orders during this difficult time, and Royal Mail and the Post Office are also working normally, so all being well we will still be able to despatch orders.

We currently have a fine selection of railway models and books on eBay, click this link to view:-
We can take orders for any of these direct if you don't use eBay and there is usually a bit extra discount available, just contact us on the email link at the top of the page.

If the situation changes and we are no longer able to despatch for any reason then we will advise further and remove our eBay listings at that time. So, please feel free to order any items you want, but we would suggest checking if Click and Collect locations remain open if you plan to use one of those.

Parcel deliveries should be quite safe, and you can rest assured that we are keeping hygiene in mind when packing items. Apparently the virus can survive on hard surfaces for a short period, so anyone who wishes to be extra careful could always put parcel deliveries into storage for a few days before opening them.
Welcome to our first update of 2020, and unfortunately it's a very grim one. Owing to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic precaution, all  members and supporters should please note that until further notice MIDLAND RAILWAY BUTTERLEY IS NOW CLOSED TO VISITORS.

This will of course drastically reduce the number of running days that 47401 will have in 2020. Also we are sure you will all understand that volunteers on the loco will be reducing their attendance for the time being in line with government advice on unnecessary travel and minimising social contact. Only essential jobs will be carried out, plus making sure the loco and the site is secure.

On a happier note we ca
n report that much good progress has been made over the winter. Some extracts below from our regular volunteer's diary will hopefully give an impression of life at the coalface!

Roof repairs are ongoing with the first piece of new steel welded into place, eventually when all the new plate is welded on the new gutter will be welded on to this to complete the upper side of that roof section. The stripping of number one end cab is now at an advanced stage with just part of the desk and a few other little bits to finish before a heavy sand and some primer being put on.

After what seems like an eternity (15 days in reality over the course of 3 months) the cab refurb has progressed to the point where paint has finally been applied to the roof sections. The next section of metal has been cut out on the engine room roof and the area behind has been cleaned back and primed. Inside the engine room a start has been made to scrape and degrease the power unit to a point where primer has now been applied.

Not too much to report this weekend as a couple of the guys have been helping on the permanent way, as for the rest of us more cleaning in the engine room and number one cab has been fully primed bar the instrument panel.

This weekend has mainly seen undercoat being applied to number one end cab and more cutting, grinding and welding to the roof.

Well, more of the same this weekend the cab has been fully undercoated bar the horn access hatch and some of the removed cab panels as well. A wiper motor on the secondman's side in number one end cab has been changed for an overhauled one, this was because the old one was blowing oil on to the window. There has been plenty more grinding and welding on the roof. A little piece of history was found during the cleaning of the cab a few weeks ago, one of the cooker support arms was marked 1E 1736, this became 47143.

This weekend has mainly consisted of 2 days getting high on rail grey gloss fumes in number one end cab which is complete except for round the windscreens. The power unit has seen further cleaning and primer plus more roof repairs and various cab fittings have been cleaned back to bare metal ready for priming next week.

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